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Holistic Billing Success Story

For our holistic clients, when it comes to acupuncture billing, we know it’s all in the details.



Practice Size:
Small to mid-sized private practice in a West Coast tourist/resort area

Preventing ongoing insurance claim denials and payment slowdown.

Acupuncture billing company ensures the maximum reimbursement without mistakes that lead to claims being denied. By verifying benefits, he can also take on new patients.

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Christer’s Story: Taking Denial of Claims by the Reins

When he opened his acupuncture practice a few months ago, Christer believed his biggest problem would be balancing his patient schedule with his surfing. Now, of course, he knows better. While his surfboard gathers dust, he’s on the phone with insurance companies who have denied his claims, fighting about billing code mistakes he’s made and trying to get reimbursed in time to pay his overhead. He had no qualms about hiring a holistic medical billing company to handle his billing for him—he just needed to know that they were the right fit, could handle his patient load, and would actually get him paid.

medical-insurance-billing-coding-servicesAt NCG, our holistic practice consultants, billing coders, MBAs, CPAs, and IT experts specialize in the ethical billing, coding, and reimbursement for holistic practitioners. By allowing us to be his acupuncture billing company, Christer is sure he’ll get the maximum reimbursement he’s entitled to without worrying about his claims being denied. He now spends more time caring for patients and less on the hassle of paperwork—and even his surfboard is seeing a lot more action.

Here’s How We Did It:

  • Specialized holistic practice management consulting
  • Step-by-step protocol of verification, billing, and collection gets visits paid faster with fewer denials
  • Insurance company credentialing
  • Fee schedule review and analysis
  • Eligibility and benefit verification
  • Accounts receivable management and follow-up
  • Practice management and performance analytics
  • Real-time verification and claim status via portal

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