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Dermatology Billing Success Story

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Practice Size:
Mid-sized private practice in a large metropolitan area

Assistance with practice merger negotiations and logistics, practice valuation, electronic health records (EHR), practice management software, integrated scheduling system, practice growth.

Formation of a MSO group, automated and streamlined workflow for optimal performance, practice growth strategy consultation.

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Meena’s Story: Consultants Proficient in Practice Mergers

When a local dermatology competitor approached Meena about a merger, she knew she’d need the guidance of medical practice consultants and appraisers with an understanding of today’s dermatology market and a proven track record of practice valuation. She also knew that the merger would also mean the consolidation of the business aspects of the practices, including the joint purchase of an integrated electronic health records system (EHR), making decisions about practice management software, and the need for an integrated scheduling system.

medical-insurance-billing-coding-servicesAt NCG, our dermatology consultants are all trained by Inga C. Ellzey, the president and CEO of Inga Ellzey Practice Group, Inc., the nation’s foremost expert on dermatology coding, documentation, and reimbursement. As specialists in dermatology practice management, our medical billing company guided Meena through the process of forming a group, including appraisal and due diligence, all the way to the merger contract. We then worked with Meena and her partners to automate and streamline their new practice’s workflow, ensuring that all of their preferred systems were integrated for optimal performance with no downtime and no interruption of patient service. Today, Meena is considering the next phase in her plan—a new med spa—and we can’t wait to get started.

Here’s How We Did It:

  • Specialized dermatology practice merger negotiation consulting
  • Managed service organization (MSO) and accountable care organization (ACO) specialists
  • Dermatology practice appraisal and analysis
  • Dermatology coding, documentation, insurance and elective procedures reimbursement
  • Integrated electronic health records (EHR)
  • Dermatology insurance coding, educational resources, compliance, insurance audits
  • Specialized analysis for future expansions

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