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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Billing Success Story

A radiation oncologist is part of a team when developing a patient’s treatment plan. Let NCG be part of your team at the negotiating table.

Radiation Oncology Billing Success Story

Radiation Oncology

Practice Size:
Mid-sized private practice
Mid-sized to large urban hospitals

Assistance with hospital contract negotiations, practice growth, and medical billing.

Radiation oncology contract consultation, hospital-based physician billing, stand-alone practice billing, practice growth strategy consultation.

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Nick’s Story: An Advisor and Ally in Contract Negotiations

Nick is a managing partner of a radiation oncology practice, but when it came to hospital contract negotiations, he always felt he was leaving money on the table. His focus is medicine, not contract law, so he needed to consult with specialists who understood hospital-based physicians and would make sure that the incentives and goals the practice was being offered aligned with physician experience and expertise in a very specialized market.

medical-insurance-billing-coding-servicesNot many medical billing companies offer radiation oncology medical billing and consulting—it’s a very specialized area. We do. We guided Nick through the entire practice contract negotiation process, from the development of a term sheet that included physicians’ compensation, scope of service, non-competes, and other priorities as terms of the proposed arrangement, to each draft of the contract until it was finalized and executed. We also handle the practice’s hospital-based professional billing using Varian and Mosaiq for easy transmission of the hospital billing codes, as well as several stand-alone centers’ billing. By partnering with NCG, Nick is satisfied with his practice’s hospital contract—and is now working with us toward future practice expansion.

Here’s How We Did It:

  • Specialized radiation oncology contract negotiation consulting
  • Hospital-based physician billing
  • Varian and Mosaiq by Elekta allow for easy transmission of hospital codes
  • Stand-alone center billing
  • Top denial tracking and reporting for physicians
  • Specialized analysis for future expansions
  • Auditing existing account receivables

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