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We make pediatric practice reimbursement look like child’s play.



Practice Size:
Mid-sized private practice in a suburban area

Create centralized medical billing services across eight newly merged practices.

We’ve measurably raised her practice’s clean claims percentages to 98%, improved payment speed from 63 to 35 days, and optimized her reimbursement by 10%.

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Molly’s Story: Minimizing Denials. Maximizing Reimbursements.

As an administrator for a busy multi-location pediatric practice, Molly’s days were very hectic. And when it came to medical practice management, she found she was often meeting with various direct reports with inconsistent results. She was open to working with a medical billing company, but needed to be kept informed—after all, she was still responsible for the task—and wanted guidance and timely responses to her questions.

medical-insurance-billing-coding-servicesOur pediatric practice consultant explained to Molly that NCG’s priority is obtaining the maximum amount of payment physicians are entitled to—and we won’t get paid until they do. By increasing automation, streamlining workflow, and providing business strategies to maneuver past the hurdles between her and her practice’s money, our entire team of highly trained CPAs, certified medical coders, billing specialists, and technologists now manage her practice’s entire revenue cycle. We’ve measurably raised her practice’s clean claims percentages, improved payment speed, and optimized her reimbursement. If she has a question or concern, our medical billing specialist is happy to help, and keeps her in the loop by providing regular reports and information she can pass on to her physicians. With NCG as her medical billing partner, Molly is able to provide better results, more accurate forecasting, and is a lot less stressed.

Here’s How We Did It:

  • Interfacing EHR technology with billing activities
  • Appointment reconciliation procedures
  • Benchmarking practice success against local & national standards
  • Establishing collections policies
  • Creating workflow optimized operations
  • Daily billing & coding reviews
  • Top denial tracking and reporting for physicians
  • Educating staff & providers
  • Auditing existing account receivables

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