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NCG’s Success Stories

See How Our Medical Billing Services Have Made a Difference

From dermatology and radiation oncology, to gastroenterology and more, NCG’s medical billing solutions have helped change the game for practices across several different specialties. Get an inside look at some of our recent success stories below.

Medical Billing Success Story

As an administrator for a busy multi-location pediatric practice, Molly’s days were very hectic. She needed a centralized medical billing solution that worked across her eight newly merged practices. With NCG, Molly’s clean claims percentages raised to 98%, her payment speed was cut in half and her reimbursement was optimized by 10%. See how we helped make it happen.


Dermatology Billing Success Story

When a local dermatology competitor approached Meena about a merger, she knew she’d need the guidance of medical practice consultants and appraisers who understand today’s dermatology market and who have a proven track record of practice valuation. See how NCG helped her practice grow through specialized medical billing services.


Gastroenterology Billing Success Story

When gastroenterologists Ingrid and Carl started losing business to competing practices because they didn’t accept several major insurance plans, NCG Medical was there to help. Learn how NCG’s medical credentialing specialists helped expedite their applications and prevent the practice from losing business due to a limited preferred provider network.

Gastroenterology Billing Success Story

Radiation Oncology Billing Success Story

As a managing partner of a radiation oncology practice, Nick knew he needed help with contract negotiations, practice growth and medical billing, but he also knew that his expertise was in medicine, not contract law. Find out how NCG Medical guided Nick through the entire contract negotiation process and helped get him get a future expansion started for his practice.

Radiation Oncology Billing Success Story

Holistic Billing Success Story

When Christer opened his acupuncture practice, he was challenged with ongoing insurance claim denials and growing payment slowdowns. With the help of our holistic practice consultants, billing coders, MBAs, CPAs and IT experts at NCG Medical, Christer was able to stop getting denied claims and start getting his maximum reimbursements.


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