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Electronic Medical Records

Perfect Care EHR. Make Your Phone Your Filing Cabinet.

When it comes to electronic medical records, what distinguishes NCG Medical’s approach from the competition? Robust information security. Improved physician productivity. Boosted revenue. Less overhead. And, most importantly, enhanced patient care. Whether you’re in your office, on call, or on rounds, all the data you need to make critical care decisions is available, even on your phone—instead of in a stack of manila folders on your desk.

Perfect Care EHR is government certified as a complete EHR by the Drummond Group*. Whether you are a GP, specialist, or walk-in clinic, this scalable software can be customized to fit your needs and your workload, no matter the size.


Perfect Care EHR makes it easy to customize your electronic medical records to meet your data needs and design preferences, no matter what size your workload is.


Featuring a 100% successful adoption track record, our EMR system delivers the full range of EHR functionalities, including meaningful use, ePrescription, data capture, reporting, lab management, order management, and chart access.


Government certified as a complete EHR, and with its comprehensive data and interoperability platform, Perfect Care EHR adapts to the specific workflow needs of different providers, including GPs, specialists, walk-in clinics, etc.


Perfect Care HER’s responsive design allows you to access your electronic medical records at any time, whether you’re in the office on your desktop, on rounds using your laptop, or traveling on a consultation with your tablet or smartphone.


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*This Complete Ambulatory EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Emdeon Clinical Exchange EHR-Lite 8.4 Complete EHR Ambulatory, Holds Certificate No. 04282014-1986-8, Date Certified: 04/28/2014. Additional software: Ingage Patient, Toad for Oracle (SQL client) Modules Tested: 170.314(a) (1-15); (b) (1-5, 7); (c) (1-3); (d) (1-9); (e) (1-3); (f) (1-3); (g) (2-4) Clinical Quality Measures tested: CMS002v3; CMS050v2; CMS068v3; CMS075v2; CMS122v2; CMS123v2; CMS124v2; CMS130v2; CMS131v2;CMS132v2; CMS133v2; CMS138v2; CMS139v2; CMS143v2; CMS156v2; CMS167v2

NCG Medical attests that our Perfect Care EHR product (version 8.4) may require ongoing monthly costs to support and establish interfaces for reporting to immunization registries and public health agencies (170.314.f.2 and 170.314.f.3) and online patient services including secure messaging (170.314.e.1 and 170.314.e.3).